Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dating: Is the silver bullet a myth?

No, it is not a myth. If you are in a fish bowl environment which most Christian circles are, then you will have to deal with the silver bullet. I know many will scream and say it isn't true, but reality will soon cause you to face your fears.

The silver bullet is you get one shot at bagging the right guy or girl in any fishbowl. Once you start officially dating a person then you are now labeled as that person's. This doesn't make it right, it just makes it true.

Now the problem with the silver bullet it creates a lot of guys never committing to anyone. And why would you? Once you have stepped over the line of interest to more than one girl, you will be labeled a player. It takes about a year of no public contact to start to erode the perception that the binding of two has been loosed in the fishbowl. Even a simple siting of two people the same vicinity or facebook post may cause all to view you as still with your silver bullet mate.

Now the silver bullet does prevent a guy from outwardly advancing on multiple women. Oh sure you can think of several guys like that, but that just proves the point. You avoid that guy or simply think, he's not serious. That creates a problem for myriad man and he must go out of the public eye to do his work which can make him dangerous.

Ladies, here's why, if you have ever received a text from a guy you just recently met that has no real content, but is just looking to chat on text, you can be rest assured there are three other girls getting the same text. A great question to ask is...who else did you send that text to?

More ramblings to follow. I'd love to know your thoughts on the silver bullet.

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  1. The Silver Bullet is definitely true. Having lived in a Christian Fish Bowl during my undergraduate years and now currently living in it during my Master's years, I can attest to the effects that I see. Not only does the Silver Bullet affect the lives of daters who have recently broken-up, but it affects the perceptions of those viewing a innocent friendship. If a guy and a girl are good friends, but have no intentions of dating, those around them will still jump to the conclusions that they are dating. Thus, future relationships will be affects, and the friendly, innocent relationship that the two friends had will be shattered.

    The article brings up an interesting idea. Why should we make relationships a shot in the dark? Why not delay a relationship until one is sure of God's will?